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Excellent for gaming!

Hi there,

I just wanted to say how happy I'm after I bought NTLite Home Edition.
I have a low-end gaming PC, i3-6100 with a GTX1050 and my perfomance in games has improved overall, specially with PUBG, no more random stuttering.

Thanks to this tool I made a Windows 10 ISO of almost down to 1GB of size!
Everything is so smooth and clean, no bloatware, less than 10 seconds boot, basically I disabled almost everything except for Recommended stuff, Windows Update, Windows Activation, Windows Store, Photos and Movies & TV apps.

I encountered a few problems, but nothing to worry about:

- Slideshow for Lock screen doesn't works, the option is there, I can select a folder with images but nothing happens, what feature is needed for this?
- Discord, it's just a gray box when opening it. Sorting it out with Discord support. Using browser version for now.

Now I have a legal question, am I allowed to distribute for free an ISO made with NTLite? If yes, under what terms? It still requires a valid Windows 10 Pro to activate it of course.



  • I would never distribute or download homebrew/frankenbuilds because

    You never know what has been done to them.
    My needs are specific so i build to my specifications only.
    Distributing my own homebrew/frankenbuilds is unethical. I fully support NTLite and can be very vocal when people discuss its cost.

    Remember, NTLite IS NOT nLite and vLite, they were projects built by an enthusiast. NTLite is a professional product and the author rightfully deserves payment for his work.

    Below is my own opinion.

    When you install NTLite, you agree to the End User License Agreement and distributing NTLited custom iso's may well forbidden under the license terms and you "may" find your license being revoked whether you paid or not.
  • I completely understand your position, but here I'm aiming for a gaming enthusiast audience.

    By providing a completely stripped ISO with only functionality required for gaming, I would promote NTLite if people needed to make their own version with a few more features enabled.

    And about NTLite EULA, so is it stated that this is forbidden? I cannot seem to find the EULA anywhere, I guess I missed it when installing NTLite.
  • edited August 2017
    NTLite does not change Windows license or policies, so no, you cannot distribute Microsoft bits on your own.
    Only "redistributive" installers can be, those are usually Visual Studio runtimes and DirectX as such.

    I'm glad you like the tool, let me know if you have any suggestions, feel free to open new topics.
  • About Slideshow for Lock screen not working, it is because there is no Windows Search service, read more at:
  • Thanks Javier, will add Slideshow info in Search description.
  • Nice! By the way, more detailed article about that in here:

    After indexing the folder you can disable Windows Search again if you don't plan to changes the images afterwards.
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